Super Metroid - Any% TAS - 14:52


Super Metroid - Any% TAS - 14:52

This is a any% TAS of Super Metroid using a new route that makes use of the so called GT code that lets get a bunch of items by holding all the face buttons when entering the door to GT, as well as have glitching with the use of the space time beam, which includes gaining control to enter and execute arbitrary code to the game and triggering the ending early. The run was made by me, but the arbitrary code execution was developed and executed by amaurea and total who are listed as co authors.

Tool Assisted - these games are played using a emulator at super slow speeds and save states. The goal is to provide entertainment by showing off game glitches and beating the game as fast as possible.
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- Aims for Fastest Time
- Abuses Programming Errors In The Game
- Takes Damage To Save TIme
- Manipulates Luck
- Executes arbitrary code



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