TAS- I can flay [0/1580]


TAS- I can flay [0/1580]

I think I broke the level. Then again, I also think the creator did something weird. You're supposed to midair the beetle above the lava pit, so it gives you a key and you try to reach the door.
However, doing it the intented way I never got past the spikes, even when using fast flight (the technique I use to get to the door).
When you download the level however, you can see there's a subworld, but no way to enter it. The subworld is empty, except for a shellmet.
My guess is the creator somehow found a way to be able to use the shellmet in upload attempts (aka he hacked it, very popular in 2016 levels) and thus cheated the entire level.

Cleared it twice just for fun, took me about 3-4 minutes.



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