TAS: Metal Harbor Mission 3 in 0:14.17


TAS: Metal Harbor Mission 3 in 0:14.17

This is a tool assisted speedrun of Metal Harbor Mission 3, completed with an in-game time of 0:14.17.
Played on Dolphin version 3.0-735 using the NTSC-U version of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.
Re-records: 3072

Old TAS Record: 0:16:77 by Me

Been a while since I've done an SA2 TAS. I found myself bored the other day and decided to mess around with Metal Harbor strats using the bounce upgrade (IL stuff, instead of Hero Story). I ended up finding skipping the light dashes to actually be faster if done well, and also a small improvement on the strat at the beginning. I figured since it wouldn't be too much effort and I wanted to show these strats off, I'd TAS mission 3. Not to mention, my old mission 3 time was really in need of improvement, that TAS was made before I had any idea how to optimize anything in this game. I hope you enjoy!



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