Mario Kart 64 GP Luigi Raceway 25"06 (TAS)


Mario Kart 64 GP Luigi Raceway 25"06 (TAS)

I am working on an "All-Cups" 150cc Tool Assisted Speedrun (TAS) of Mario Kart 64. This beats my previous version of Luigi Raceway by 4.41 seconds. I have now moved on to Moo Moo Farm, so this is the "final" version of this course for this particular TAS. It may be possible to beat this time by using Toad and jumping off Wario on lap 3 (though I'd have to adjust the strategy on the first lap due to Toad's lighter weight and the timing on lap 3 may or may not happen, so I'll save that for a later all-cups TAS [if I ever do one]).



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