[KZ] kz_odious in 09:14.10 [TAS]


[KZ] kz_odious in 09:14.10 [TAS]

Please note that this is a Tool Assisted Speedrun (TAS) and not a legit run in any way.

Special thanks to Sikari, Cyclo, Ballistic Bacon, and Slick for helping my stupid ass get GOKZ set up and working so I could do skz tas runs on my lan.

Settings used:

SourceToolAssist - https://github.com/CRASHFORT/SourceTo...

Autostrafe plugin - https://bitbucket.org/JoshuaHawking/c...

host_timescale 0.5

sv_autobunnyhopping 1

GOKZ mode - skz

Music used:

00:00 - 03:23 Cant Stop Wont Stop - Up and Away

03:23 - 07:04 Cant Stop Wont Stop - Mighty High

07:04 - 09:14 Looptroop - Dont Hate the Player



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