SM64 - BLJing with Superslide Glitch [New?] [TAS]


SM64 - BLJing with Superslide Glitch [New?] [TAS]

Is this new?
Re-Records: 1,871
Bob-Omb Glitch found by: http://www.youtube.com/user/AruaErueru

The BLJ'ing only seems to work on low slanted slopes. You might be able to BLJ on some terrain/landscape areas. You can't BLJ on Elevators. I haven't tried that one Low-Ceiling BLJ with the Sign, but I think it would work. You can maintain speed from trees, with the Superslide glitch. You can have forward speed with the Superslide glitch. You can even use the B button, but you need to make sure that Mario is only granted one air frame after pressing B, otherwise he will de-activate the Superslide glitch.



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