La-Mulana, Twin Labyrinth [TAS]


La-Mulana, Twin Labyrinth [TAS]

With the entrance discovered by Anonymous52555 you can enter the Twin Labyrinth without getting the Twin Statues, although you'll be quite limited to where you can go without it, or would be hadn't you been able to continue wall glitching that is. Strangely, the two twin gates I pass through inside the labyrinth don't require the Twin Statues in in order to traverse. The other two you can find do though.

Keep in mind this is only a possible route and may be changed when the final run is made. That said I managed to get both the Ring, Comic Bakery rom, Lamp of Time and Katana in one go. I also manage to start the Ankh Jewel puzzle and reveal the boss ankh as well. With the current route I would need to enter Twin Labyrinth a second time in order to defeat Baphomet and get the Ankh Jewel, which means I must have an Ankh in reserve since I'll be fighting the boss before aquiring the Ankh of the area.

Before you ask, I can't reach the bottom floor of the area by going through the top floor as I did in the first half, so I have to re-enter Inferno Cavern to access the Twin Labyrinth again. Where it leads to instead? I'll show it in the next video I'll make.

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