[TAS] Super Mario Star Road - Big Bob-Omb's Sky Fort 27"37


[TAS] Super Mario Star Road - Big Bob-Omb's Sky Fort 27"37

-170f over the previous record by Gohan and USTA (150 from quick release fight, another 20 from optimizations)

The floor is made of the devil and there aren't invisible walls but rather ENTIRE INVISIBLE FORTRESSES around the ledges of where i have to work with this man. After almost 40k rr, i was finally able to perform 3 pretty optimized quick-releases. Small little spoiler for you guys for the 130 star. I just had to upload this

Players: Nis & Dargos
Rerecords: 37000
Course 1: Bob-omb Islands
Super Mario 64 star road smsr



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