KLS - Hlub Tas Mus Li - Vol. 4 - Time For Romance


KLS - Hlub Tas Mus Li - Vol. 4 - Time For Romance

KLS 4th studio album was an instant hit as soon as it was released. It was played in many car stereos through the streets and car dates back in 1994. KLS was the first Hmong American Pop & R&B Boy band. KLS released their 4th album just right when R&B/Pop music was evolving with new beats and sounds. The BASE was born. All great music started in 1993-1996 then from there on it changed again and is never the same anymore. All we can do today is reminisce the original sounds. It is 2018 and the 90's pop scene just hopped back into the scene.

KLS Vol. 4 - Time For Romance

Artist: KLS
Song: Hlub Tas Mus Li
Album: Time For Romance
Release Year: 1994



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