[MKWii TAS] Luigi Circuit - 1:06:350 (Super Grinding)


[MKWii TAS] Luigi Circuit - 1:06:350 (Super Grinding)

Hi Walter, looks like spear is faster after all.

This is a tool-assisted speedrun (TAS). This time will not count on any real rankings.

TAS BKT Cut: .387 (Previous BKT by Rocky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgrfN...)

I highly recommend you read this Pastebin for information and my honest comments regarding this run: https://pastebin.com/uiJyYA7A

Performed with Save-States, Frame Advance, TAS Input, Speedometer, TAS code and Ram Watch.

Justin had the closest time estimate 😛 (1:06:420)

Future for this track:
Me and Rocky are redoing this run together to fix the flaws and are also working on no glitch together with the implemented shroomless ramp (this cut saves around .1 which is about 6/7 frames). We are aiming for a 1:06 sub with Super Grind and also a 1:08 sub no glitch. Another thing to take into consideration, you do not lose speed in the offroad (infact you accelerate to about 1 km/h faster however you can only stay in the offroad for so long before you begin to drastically decelerate and it naturally drops your super grind meaning a full lap super grinding would require shrooms, assuming a whole lap super grinding ever becomes a reality).

About the actual video:
Huge shoutouts to Swarejonge for recording this run, you can check out his amazing TASes here:

There is a slight sound desync on lap 3 and we are both aware of that and we should still respect the effort Sware put into recording the run, editting the run, implementing the ram watch figures and rendering the run. Huge props to the man.

The speed labelled as "KM/H" on the left is the speed the commonly used speedometer displays you as and the speed labelled simply as "Speed" is a much more accurate speed reading (The XZ speed) created by using the equation:
((X position of current frame - X position of previous frame) + (Z position of current frame - Z position of previous frame))/0.016

That speedometer is created by SwareJonge and Yoshifan28. Huge thanks to both of them. Here is Yoshifan28's channel and I would also like to thank him for introducing me to the wonderful SMG community and the support he had given me on my SMG 2 TAS and you should definatly check out his runs on the game:

SwareJonge will leave a comment explaining the new XZ speedometer in it's current state and i highly suggest reading it.

MKWii TAS Records: (https://goo.gl/obDD3y)
MKWii TAS Discord: (https://discord.gg/NCZghgy)

Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD0Xg... (Sonic Mania - Flying Battery Zone Act 2)



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