SA2:B TAS: Egg Quarters Mission 3 in 0:10.49 (w/ Input/Address Viewer)


SA2:B TAS: Egg Quarters Mission 3 in 0:10.49 (w/ Input/Address Viewer)

This is a tool assisted speedrun of Egg Quarters mission 3 with a completion time of 0:10:49.

Inputs by THC98 and myself.

THC98's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/THC98
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/fusionvaria

Rerecords: 3718

The main purpose of this video is to showcase the hunting character momentum tech that was discovered over this past summer; a variant of downslope abuse which can be done using flat ground and wall dismount gravity skew. I'm in the process of writing a video essay explaining Hunting character movement and will dedicate a sizable amount of that to explaining the terms just used.

This trick is essentially the same as the Hunting character wall dismount wallrun, but rather than run on the wall, you drill into flat ground and convert the downward velocity to forward. This trick caps at roughly 5 positive speed, whereas punch acceleration gives 3.15.

I also wanted to make this video to show off THC98's new and much improved input and address viewer.



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