[TAS] GBA SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis by jlun2 in 37:04.8


[TAS] GBA SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis by jlun2 in 37:04.8

This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see http://tasvideos.org/2477M.html. TAS originally published on 2013-11-03.

In SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis, based on the TV movie of the same name, SpongeBob and Patrick stumble upon the lost magical amulet that will take them to the legendary city of Atlantis. Hoping to uncover the treasures of Atlantis in order to fulfill their dream of finding the "World's Oldest Living Bubble," the two travel with Sandy, Squidward and Mr. Krabs (and stowaway Plankton) on a magical bus to explore the lost city.

This run by jlun2 plays through the game speedily while utilizing a few glitches, including clipping through walls and floors to skip parts of levels by going offscreen.



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