TAS Megaman X5 100% All Stages (X) in 58:30 by zeroblaze777


TAS Megaman X5 100% All Stages (X) in 58:30 by zeroblaze777

Emulator used : pcsx v0.1.3
-------ABOUT THE RUN--------
Play in Xtreme mode
Collect all items
Take damage to save time
Luck manipulation (enigma shot)
Trick used : Abuse Wing Spiral Bug (this help me some parts), Nova strike Cancel
Raise the bosses's level to 8 to get all Parts (the reason why i suicided at 10:50, for more information, check out the parts guide in the link below)

++++Stage order++++
Virus Stage 1
Virus Stage 2
Virus Stage 3 (get Ultimate Armor)
Grizzy Slash
Duff McWhalen
Squid Adler
Izzy Glow
The Skiver
Dark Dizzy
Axle The Red
++Revisit to get the rest of items++
Duff Mcwhlen
The Skiver
Squid Adler
Axle the Red

Parts used : Hyper dash, jumper, buster plus (used before got jumper)

In-game ending stats:
Play time : 29 '' 24
Hunter Rank : X - MEH, Zero - SA

Check out the damage chart and parts guide here : http://megaman.wikia.com/wiki/Mega_Ma...

Enjoy xD



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