[TAS Former World Record] Driver 2 in 2:22:03.906


[TAS Former World Record] Driver 2 in 2:22:03.906

Outdated. Awful run compared to my latest. Look on my newest video.

*OLD description*
19 minutes ahead of the RTA record!

There are many improvements and optimizations to be made, but this genre is very hard to optimize. I do manage not to take any head on collision unless I have to. Damage is still taken for aggression and those ramming missions.

A couple of disappointing things about the run:
Gunmen mission in rio: I beat him so fast that I don't get to the mountain where the game tells you to knock him off of.
Final mission: You can't see the helicopter crash on the ground as it just goes through the walls to "prevent us from seeing it" damn devs..

Overall, this run was nice. I may attempt it again with optimizing perfect angles and better ramming missions.
RerecordCount: 2626



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