SGB Pokémon Green TAS in 04:24.53 by Mike Tryczak (Primo)


SGB Pokémon Green TAS in 04:24.53 by Mike Tryczak (Primo)

This is a tool-assisted speedrun (TAS) of the Japanese version of Pokémon Green, one of the original games before they were translated into other languages. This game is significantly different than the later releases, in that it contains many glitches which are absent in the newer versions. This run uses one of these glitches, the so-called "Doko Kashira Door" glitch, which allows a player to warp to arbitrary points in the game by carefully planning the number of steps they take. Tool-assisted: this means that this game was played on a computer using an emulator, utilizing tools such as save states, slow speed, and frame advance. The purpose is to provide entertainment by beating the game as quickly as possible without the limitations of human reflex and skill. More information regarding tool-assisted speedruns can be found at http://tasvideos.org/WhyAndHow.html .



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