[TAS] CTR - Hot Air Skyway 22''67


[TAS] CTR - Hot Air Skyway 22''67

This is a tool assisted speedrun (TAS). Visit tasvideos.org
Game: Crash Team Racing (NTSC-U).
Level: Hot Air Skyway (HAS).
Character: Polar.
Rerecorded count: 2883.
Emulator: psxjin v2.0.2

Old record was by A.J B. (22''69), useing Penta on PAL version of CTR. His video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7c_WN...

My comment: I just intended to beat Amaraticando's 22''99 TAS; however, I managed to improve Blowcircuitr's tech and I subbed the TAS WR even with Polar :O



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