Fallout 4 Warp% TAS 3:37.667


Fallout 4 Warp% TAS 3:37.667

This is a TAS of the Fallout 4 category. Warp% is basically Any% but you are allowed to use pre-made saves ONLY to use them for positioning (either carrying the new character through a load zone with load warping, or using them to set up a punchwarp). You still have to do everything in the run with the character you start the game with, and as you can see in the end of the run, I am still the same character that I started as.

The tools I used was basically slowing down the game while playing and speeding up in a video editor, as well as segmenting the run. The time is without loads, and since this is a TAS I removed them in a video editor. This is the absolutely fastest way to beat Fallout 4 without the use of cheats or external tools. The category is more of just a showcase of what is possible with the current knowledge of Fallout 4.



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