GTA:SA any% speedrun in [3:48:30] World Record


GTA:SA any% speedrun in [3:48:30] World Record

This is a segmented, tool assisted speedrun of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Segment count is 116.

It is possible for everyone to perform all the strats used in this speedrun.

0:00:12 Los Santos
1:10:16 Badlands
1:37:11 San Fierro
2:17:35 Desert
2:40:30 Las Venturas
3:19:03 Return To Los Santos

PC Specification:
Lenovo Y50-70
CPU: 2.4GHz Intel Core i7-4700HQ
GPU: GTX 860m
RAM: 1600 MHz
SSD: 128GB on which the game is installed
HDD 600GB to which everything is recorded

Recording program used: Bandicam - set at 60FPS; High Quality; full-size

You can watch me play this game at https://go.twitch.tv/sanfiying



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