SM64 Speed TAS Competition Task 1 [13"53] (2nd Place)


SM64 Speed TAS Competition Task 1 [13"53] (2nd Place)

This was the first ever Super Mario 64 Speed TAS Competition where participants were given only 1 hour to complete a task as fast as possible!

I'm so happy with this 2nd place out of 23 entrants next to only the legendary Plush. This is my best placement in any SM64 TAS Competition yet.

Task: In Whomp's Fortress, start by warping from the Shoot to the Wild Blue area to the Metal Cap area, collect 25 coins, then end by entering the cannon. No reentering the warp or using the blue coin switch.

If you want to join the competition and see full results check out the top 5 compilation right here:

You can watch the reveal stream here:

Song is Anibus by EnV

Sony Vegas crapped on my video quality again :/



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