(TAS) - DS Delfino Square - 1:58.764


(TAS) - DS Delfino Square - 1:58.764

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TAS BKT Cut [-0:00.923]

Previous BKT by Rocky - 1:59.687

I remember telling myself 3 or 4 years ago I would never touch this category again, but here we are. I've learned a lot about this game in the past year, and now the parts I used to find difficult are much easier to understand. As a result I had way less trouble optimizing this course. Really proud of this run it's been a long time coming. My gut tells me there's a better way to do the lap 3 bridge but I tested a lot of different strategies and this one turned out to be the most optimal.

Time save over Rocky's run comes from better lines (23 frames), slip drift into dock sc (17 frames), lap 2 new bridge strat (10 frames), and lap 3 new bridge strat (~5 frames? not too sure about this one)

Thanks to Rocky for the spindrift strat on the lap 1 bridge, to RS Extreme for the lap 2 bridge concept, and to InsaneIsEpic for the lap 3 last turn idea.

♪ Jhené Aiko - Jukai ♫

This is a tool-assisted speedrun (TAS). This time will not count on any real rankings.

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Done on Dolphin-3.5-x86
Performed with savestates, frame advance, TAS input, speedometer, and TAS code

-Thanks for Watching-

walter was right lmao



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