Spyro 3: YotD - 117% TAS (WIP 16/16)


Spyro 3: YotD - 117% TAS (WIP 16/16)

Last WIP of this TAS. All that's left is Super Bonus Round and I'm currently working on it. Expect an onstream final playback in 2 to 3 weeks I'd guess.

Comments on the WIP:
Dno Mines was nice. The nature of the level makes for very original and nice movement, just like Haunted Tomb. I charged through rock falls in the Wind Tunnel, but that's a minor thing compared to the zigzagging that happened in the Bailey Gang sub-level.

I think I'm happy that Harbor Speedway is the last level before SBR. In my opinion, speedway levels are nice to see TASed and this one is my favorite by far. Statistics: 39.21s Time Attack (4 seconds faster than my best RTA) and 2m14.5s Race. Also ending with DatAss.



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