[TAS] Anomalous Materials 100aa in 1:39,471s


[TAS] Anomalous Materials 100aa in 1:39,471s

Woo, finally done. This TAS took about two weeks scattered across almost a year to make. It's done on unmodified latest Steam Half-Life using sv_airaccelerate 100 as well as going above 100 FPS to fully utilize the benefits of the former.

Slowmo version with some brief commentary in annotations: https://youtu.be/6mqQObwxWUA

The NPC manipulation part was especially tough because NPCs like to do weird unexpected stuff. I've no idea why some of the things I did work or how they work. I was really lucky to stumble upon them and be able to recreate. Additionally, there seems to be some angle snapping to the scientist pushing so moving a tiny bit to the side does not move the scientist's end position. This means both pushes have to be pretty much perfect.
In the end the first scientist is positioned almost perfectly (distance to the target spot was about 1.5 units while the perfect being less than 1 unit) and the second scientist is positioned perfectly. Luckily the first scientist's sequence starts 0.5 seconds earlier, so the imperfect position is compensated.

Sorry about the first NPC part not being particularly watchable. Nothing of huge interest is happening there anyway.

This TAS uses the following framerates:
- 1000 FPS - almost everywhere. The highest FPS at which you can still move and therefore the most optimal (the higher your FPS is the more you accelerate). 1000 FPS + perfect strafing is where sv_airaccelerate 100 really shines.
- 10'000'000'000 FPS - used for ground friction-less ducktapping. Every time you see a ducktap there's one or two of those frames.
- 8 FPS - used for some quick NPC turning.
- 100 FPS - used for some relatively quick NPC turning.
- 31,25 FPS - used for the elevator shaft edgebug.

I wanted to have the cl_showfps counter on the videos but it turned out that it isn't recorded into HLAE's HUD stream, which I noticed too late. Thus the 4K encodes don't have the FPS counter (the 1080p ones do). Also looks like I messed up the video levels on the 4K encodes. Oh well.

Shoutouts to the (relatively old) sv_airaccelerate 100 speedrun by Artjom TJ: https://youtu.be/L9ArgxkC_Bc

Pick your quality:
4K120 ("You won't be able to watch this"-quality) - https://mega.nz/#!BZxwhaKZ!gDGyoXrg03...
4K60 - https://mega.nz/#!YFIX0ZIJ!_RaQ-x7aRe...
1080p144 - https://mega.nz/#!YFB11bII!Kbse0ClJwb...
1080p120 - https://mega.nz/#!QIpCiLJT!YCgeZ0sGJP...
1080p60 - https://mega.nz/#!UVAD2BTb!0rSL_mGHfO...

All videos were encoded with H.264 (19 CRF) and Opus (128 kbps).

Demo (beware of random sounds) and script: https://mega.nz/#!EIR2FJzY!BMX-6R6weg...

Done on Windows on this BunnymodXT: https://github.com/YaLTeR/BunnymodXT/...

Captured with a modified HLAE version specifically for TAS live capturing: https://github.com/YaLTeR/advancedfx/...
Edited and encoded with Audacity, ffmpeg, VirtualDub and AviSynth+. Fade after the testchamber transition was removed so the jumpbug is visible.



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