Mega Man 2 TAS


Mega Man 2 TAS

This is my first TAS. Watching a few minutes of this and it will become obvious. The inefficiency may make you cringe. (ok, it's not really that bad.) I didn't abuse any glitches, only uses the regular blue man (except when unavoidable), don't take any damage (except when unavoidable), and to top it off I play on the difficult level. I didn't bother to finish it because I got bored and I'm lazy.

(Originally uploaded to Google Video on March 3, 2009)

00:00 First Boss - Flashman
02:31 Second Boss - Woodman
05:35 Third Boss - Metalman
08:11 Fourth Boss - Airman
11:04 Fifth Boss - Crashman
14:46 Sixth Boss - Heatman
17:51 Seventh Boss - Bubbleman
20:39 Eighth Boss - Quickman
22:55 First Stage - Dr. Wily
25:23 Second Stage - Dr. Wily



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