(TAS) WarioWare Inc.: Mega Party Game$ [OUTDATED]


(TAS) WarioWare Inc.: Mega Party Game$ [OUTDATED]

I'm debating on whether to upload another one with commentary, you guys let me know if you guys would like me to.

There are some stuff i must explain, for one, this game is not emulated as efficiently as it can be, but it still can be played, so some microgames can be hard to get a good look at but if you played this before you should know whats going on.

Another thing is I wanted to make this a no death speedrun, unfortunately one of orbulon's microgames wouldnt function properly because there was no procedure given, so anything i do on that would have been a fail, so that sucks. 🙁

Last thing is THIS COULD HAVE BEEN ALOT FASTER. There are some places in this where i realized it could have been, a couple of the boss stages, a couple other microgames, and in the menus, i say its still pretty good.

Overall, its pretty good in my opinion, let me know what you guys think, if you wanna see more WarioWare TASes in the future, or if you wanna see this with commentary!

Enjoy!!! 🙂



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