Factorio Steelaxe% TAS - 6m 8.25s


Factorio Steelaxe% TAS - 6m 8.25s

This is a TAS run I created using a version of my TAS mod. The human Steelaxe% world record at the time of upload is 6m31s by rain9441. Using the same map and similar build strategy, this TAS run is a small improvement. It's *not* a Steelaxe% TAS world record. Note: The in-game message says the run is complete in 6m 7.7833s, but at that time there are still another 28 ticks until the axe is complete. So that brings the time to 6m 8.25s.

This run demonstrates there is some room for human improvement, but also that rain9441's run is probably close to the best possible human time, at least on this map.

See the Factorio speedrun info here: https://www.speedrun.com/Factorio#Ste...

See the TAS mod here: https://github.com/gotyoke/Factorio-A...

See my 0.16 Any% Speedrun here: https://youtu.be/9F8PI_VYdV8

I'm still working on mod improvements and documentation, hoping to upload the code to GitHub soon.



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