TAS HD: NES Super Turrican (Europe) in 08:38.7 by Superninja


TAS HD: NES Super Turrican (Europe) in 08:38.7 by Superninja

Publication: http://tasvideos.org/555M.html

A fast completion on Super Turrican ― a game that is said to be extremely difficult, and entirely produced by one man.

This movie improves the previous author's movie by 103 seconds ― a huge difference in this kind of fast-paced game. The boss fights especially were improved.

Note that this movie was played on the European version of the game, but it used NTSC timings. You may need to disable the PAL mode in the emulator manually if you watch the FCM.

Contrary to most games, this game recognizes whether it is run on a PAL or NTSC console, and runs at the same speed on both systems. Therefore, the length of this movie is proper regardless of the NTSC/PAL mixup that the author didn't bother to fix.



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