[TAS, obsolete] Sonic 1: The Next Level in 3:23::26


[TAS, obsolete] Sonic 1: The Next Level in 3:23::26

This movie is obsolete; see the new version at https://youtu.be/pO39xFvxKNs

The undisputed winner of the 2015 Sonic Hacking Contest just got TASed. Go grab it here: http://shc.sonicresearch.org/entry/19

The error at the end, and the accompanying speech, is a joke based on a rant by a YouTuber; he started off complaining of hacks that don't work on real hardware, and quickly devolved at complaining about any glitches in the hacks, regardless of whether or not it was caused by playing on real hardware. The original video was about two and a half hours, and there were multiple such videos.

The fact that is is a "bus error" is another joke: while it is true that the MC68000 processor can raise this error under some conditions, they just never happen in the Mega Drive. "You got played" indeed.

Gust Planet 1: 0:21::11
Gust Planet 2: 0:28::34
Gust Planet 3: 2:33::41
Total: 3:23::26

Acts 2 and 3 can probably be improved.



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