[TAS] Super Mario 64 "120 Stars" WIP (Work in Progress)


[TAS] Super Mario 64 "120 Stars" WIP (Work in Progress)

Made by yuukiさん, なまえがないさん, sojiroさん, コインさん, ごろごろさん, シゲルさん, あきあかねさん, hanoji(みんさま)さん, もっこりさん, セテヅスさん, えるさん, はちみつさん, あまねさん, ToTさん, Nisumsさん, バウルさん, Snarkさん, owataxさん, ねこしんさん, まむさん, おおくんさん, マル⑨【マルク】さん, 潔い忍者さん, Trainingさん, すたーみー☆さん, バトラさん, 姫花さん, ねくらんさん, ぱすたさん, きよさん, Moltov, sonicpacker, SilentSlayers, Kyman, Mario64Masters, Johannes, Mr_Roberts_Z, Mickey, Nahoc... etc, etc.

Obviously, this WIP is just the product of many gathered efforts from both the Japanese and non-Japanese players and TASers. Most of the inputs come from Eru, snark and Mickey, though I'm not exactly sure of who did what. So far, the main .m64's rerecord count says "327905", but the real count is truly over a million, since many hexing and side-work were done. On a side-note, the last 3 BoB stars aren't part of the real WIP, I just added them. All stars are WR as of the publication date of this video.

I hope you enjoy! 😉


*Japan is the future 😀



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