[TAS] Pitiless Level 1 & 2 (ver. 1.6) in 03:33.964 by V. S. バーレンティーン・スベット


[TAS] Pitiless Level 1 & 2 (ver. 1.6) in 03:33.964 by V. S. バーレンティーン・スベット

This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more informations please visit : http://tasvideos.org/ This TAS was run by myself and recorded by myself too. This run hasn´t been registered to tasvideo.org and will not be.
Download Hack: bin.smwcentral.net/u/6751/Pitiless%2BV1.6.ips
Tread: https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=viewthr...
Hack by: Sadistic Designer
Time: 03:33.964
Rerecords: 35239
Download Movie:https://openload.co/f/U0jnTR-zRdk/TAS...
another Download: https://openload.co/f/aviLr5fZad0
Download my progress in the 3rd Level if you want to play it: https://openload.co/f/oOyGkXKulI0/TAS...
PS: This is my first TAS of a Pit-Hack.

I already tred the 3rd Level, but I think it's impossible, because it's impossible to hold the mushroom.



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