TAS - Bowser's Castle (no glitch): 2:16.785


TAS - Bowser's Castle (no glitch): 2:16.785

ATTN: This is a tool-assisted speedrun (TAS) and the time will not be sent to any real rankings.

I avoided even trying this track for a long time for the obvious reasons, as Lithium had seemingly set the bar very high. The first lap I did was actually worse than Lithium's, but the next one was better and I decided to go on. Second lap is ok, and as you might have noticed, third one is really something else. I was sure I wouldn't even sub 2:17 because the lap didn't feel that fast, but I guess I was wrong =)

The third lap proves yet another sub is possible, but I'm not going to try for it at least in a while. This probably is actually my last TAS for some time, because it's very time consuming and I have a lot of work for school I need to do.

P.S. I know the ending seems far from optimal, but weirdly I got the best time with that one. And I did test a lot of different endings.



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