Bubble Bobble TAS(41:08.71)-all levels 1player pt1-5


Bubble Bobble TAS(41:08.71)-all levels 1player pt1-5

This is a tool-assisted speedrun of one of my favorite non super mario NES games, bubble-bobble. Timing starts for this when 1st player mode is selected and ends the frame the boss dies, meaning that this run was done in 41:08:71!

There is only 1 other BB TAS i know of, being a 2player run in bough 1/2 hour. i desided this game needs to be seen more, so here is the 1player TAS. even though i complete all 99 levels +the 14 extra levels, I get a bad ending, which is what i expected.

These are the rules i used for this TAS. 1 player only, no deaths, no codes, no level skipping(except using the crystal ball on lvl99), no "uber" items(this means items that own the enemies), get EXTEND at least once after all enemies on the stage are dead, and lastly, must complete all extra levels.

Overall, this is a pretty nice TAS. but, level 61 and 88 were badly done IMO, so the run isnt perfect. there are a lot of places that could be more optimised, which i may do in the future

a total of 2977 rerecords were used, and this took about a week to make, though i made this like 2 months ago. Thank the user Scarletronin for nagging and reminding me to upload this

plz comment/rate/and enjoy!!!

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