Spider-man: Web of Shadows (Nintendo DS) - TAS in 31.04 Part 1/3


Spider-man: Web of Shadows (Nintendo DS) - TAS in 31.04 Part 1/3

Spider-man: Web of Shadows (DS) any% TAS in 31.04

* Emulator used: Desmume 0.9.8
* Frame count: 126000
* Re-record count: 10810
* Total time: 35.06.10 (for the TAS Movie file )
* In-Game time: 31.04
* Item percent: 39%
* Goals of this TAS:
- Finish the game in crazy time
- Dont get hit once
- Provide some entertaining combo's and maneuvers
*Upgrades Taken:
- Launching Uppercut (compulsory at the start of the game)
- Drill Kick
- Amazing Speed Boost
- Spider dance
- Scissor Kick Special
- Ultimate Speed Boost
- Enhanced Dodge
- Jackhammer Stomp
- Air Dodge
- Mid Air Snare

This tas took me about 2 months to do. I was speedrunning it beforehand and realised it wasnt as epic to watch compared to if i TAS'd it.
After a few TAS tests i got stuck into it and yeah.
It was a learning process the whole way, i learnt alot about optimization and TAS'ing as an art.
Some parts of the TAS i sacrificed time for more entertainment. I didnt use as much luck manipulation as i could of, i instead opted alot of the time to deal with what was given in the most entertaining way i could conjure.

The start of the game. The first fight isnt done so pretty. The enemies arent hard to kill and Spider-man lacks any abilities. I miss a punch on one of the symbiotes on purpose, for some reason i couldnt reach the symbiote early like with the others so i had to allow the miss and continue with the combo (i thought waiting longer looked bad). This happens a few times later in the TAS as well.
I grab an early attack upgrade which is meant to be gotten later in the game, but with dark suit spiderman its easy to sequence break.
The fat symbiote fight..... well its simple, just pount it against the wall and keep it airborne.
I finish the area and head for the sewers.

Just a matter of moving along as fast as possible for the first part. Some rooms force you to fight symbiotes in this game and i only stop for those rooms.
The second fight in the sewers is one of the better looking fights early in the TAS.
The green Super Symbiote fight is much like the fat super symbiote, just keep it airborne and pound it against the wall. I manage to not let it hit the ground once which was nice.
After the fight i grab another early attack upgrade and head to the Pier.

I head into the factories, purchase drill kick and meet up with black cat.... for a short conversation. I then go to help green goblin. During some of the fights here there are breaks between the waves of symbiotes so i just keep bashing the dead ones to keep my spidey-metre up and for entertainment.
After that i go up and fight the blue Super Symbiote. Now this boss i couldnt find a way to get it against the wall like the others. So i basically just fling it around the room the whole fight. I would have preferred to have just one combo but in the end it took 3 and doesnt look too shabby.

I then start heading towards Downtown......CONTINUED IN PART 2



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