[TAS] Super Meat Boy in 3:54.13 - Any% WW


[TAS] Super Meat Boy in 3:54.13 - Any% WW

This is a tool-assisted speedrun of Super Meat Boy in the Any% Wrong Warp category, with a completion time of 3:54.13.
Thanks to Kilaye for developing and sharing his amazing TAStool (libTAS)! And thanks to Ikod for his help with the run!

libTAS: https://github.com/clementgallet/libTAS
Kilaye's twitter: https://twitter.com/kilayejv
Ikod's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrBA...
Ikod's discord: Ikod#3165

Questions and answers:

Q: What did you use to make this?
A: libTAS, a linux TAS tool developed and generously shared by Kilaye. It permited me to manipulate the game frame by frame and record this video, you can use it on many other games too!

Q: Is this TAS recorded as one segment?
A: No, because of the state of development at which the TAS tool was when I started doing the run it was way simpler to record it segment by segment, though everything is intended to be exactly like RTA.

Q: When was this run made?
A: Most of this run was done back in mid 2017, just started finishing it about a week ago.

Q: What the hell was that thing at the start?
A: Idk man the game's acting weird if you try to mess with it sometimes

Q: How did you unlock chapter 6?
A: This route was discovered then improved by the Super Meat Boy community (Mijzical, Vorpal, Jpk, and -7 if i'm not mistaking), you can use keyboard buttons to replay warp zone levels even though it wasn't intended to be possible. If you use that technique to take the same bandages multiple times it messes with the game's memory and permits you to unlock chapter 6 after following a precise route.



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