[TAS][Obseleted](Any% WIP) SMG - Good Egg 2 in 2:08.217


[TAS][Obseleted](Any% WIP) SMG - Good Egg 2 in 2:08.217

FIND AN IMPROVED VERSION HERE: https://youtu.be/vSecZSRp15s

Time: 7'693 frames or ~2min 8s 217milisec
# of re-records so far: 7040

No thumbnail yet, idk I need ideas. It will probably include the hungry luma.

Watch the start of the TAS from my SMG TAS ILs playlist:

TAS - Tool-Assisted Speedrun (emulation, frame by frame play, and savestates used to make this) for more info visit tasvideos.org

tl;dr - this is slightly improvable and I will get to that

Alright explanations....

On the way flying in I hold A with P2 which allows me to russtle the bushes and get some extra starbits. to get the first ring I cancel a spin with a jump then turn around asap. On the underside of the planet I spin cancel a long jump which gets the second ring of starbits and I shoot the little blue enemies which gives you 3 starbits instead of 1 from spinning to kill them. The long jumps here might not be totally optimized, I just took a direct angle to where I wanted to go. Finally on this planet, I backflip 2P mid air jump to get to the launch star skipping some dialogue and a cutscene where you unlock some pull stars.

On the way to the 2nd planet, I hold A once again with P2 which lets you interact/hit the green bushes into the spiky plants which gets you 3 starbits from each. The 3rs spiky plant on the top you'll notice I first hit the bush away which builds enough momentum to hit it. I also shoot the goomba into mario where he lands. Hitting the goomba during the landing animation cancels it just like a dpad cancel, I shall call this "Goomba Cancelling". Doing a dpad cancel in this secario is actually slower because it doesnt cancel the animation as quickly plus you have a sort of hitlag frames where you freeze upon hitting the goomba (the hitlag frames seem to overlap the animation frames when you goomba cancel). Then I take a direct path to the launch star and do a grounded spin because it's the fastest here.

On this 3rd planet with the luma I do a regular dpad cancel then spin cancel long jump to hit the crystal, I switch directions as early as possible while still allowing me to collect the last 8 starbits that I need. Then I run straight for the luma and change directions slightly to save 1 frame PogChamp. Although it's possible I didnt enter the launch star asap, I will check this.

On the face/4th planet, I dpad cancel and long jump as early as possible. Although the first jump doesnt look optimal it sets up the next 2 which certianly are. I will go back and see if I can do it any faster by going slightly to the left on the first long jump then normal jump + 2P then long jump + 2P.

On the pill/5th planet, normal dpad cancel. Long jumps immediately might not be the fastest because of the curvature at the top I will go back and check this. Spin jump cancel to get inside the pill. Honestly I don't know how that side flip works lol i was hold z and trying to do a backflip. The 2P jump then backwards momentum gained from bouncing off the enemy perfectly lines me up to one cycle this sucker (There's a crusher that will block off the path were I long jump here). After the long jump I 2P jump the earliest while still allowing me to boost up to the flipped gravity. I ground pound on the earliest frame and cancel the landing with a jump and a perfectly timed spin to get me to the launch star.

On the final planet with the star, I dpad cancel and long jump on the earliest frame skipping the need to get the star chips. I also spin which extends Mario's hitbox and saves 3 frames.

While this is done and it's faster than the other TAS out there by about 11 seconds there's still a chance it could be faster...
but I'm happy with this for now

If you read all of that and understand it wow gg!

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