King Boo's Revenge TAS


King Boo's Revenge TAS

Hack by Undefinied3

This is a incomplete hack that will never be finished, but I find quite nice.
Notice that I died 10 times, that is part of my TAS because some of these stages are unfinished or impossible to pass.

The gimmicks of the stages are:

Desert of Death: Out of water the bar drops signaling the intense heat that will kill Mario, so hurry up and get on a water resource to replenish!

Trick City: not quite a gimmick but, you earn the double jump boots to make two jumps, but only with B button.

Star Road Boss: Balrog or Toaster, is supposed boss of Balrog's Castle if unde's video is any sign of that, the on/off button work was the light of the map, if switch is on the light is in and you see Mario, if is off, Mario is invisible.

Yoshi's House: another incomplete level but actually there's a custom block that will warp Mario to a level, however there's no level programmed so Mario will go to level 0.



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