(TAS) Project M Classic Mode Using Roy


(TAS) Project M Classic Mode Using Roy

Seems like most people that voted in last videos poll wanted this more, so here it is! I know i did not give enough time for more people to vote in that poll but I'll give plenty more time for this videos, so be sure to vote in the poll in the info bar for what you wanna see next!

Well well well when was the last time I made a Project M TAS eh? Someone suggested to me that I make an SSBM TAS with Roy earlier, but when I started making it I was getting really frusturated and I kept scrapping the project, also I had no plans on making any more SSMB TASes anytime soon, so instead I decided to make a Project M TAS (because I haven't done one in a long while) with Roy. 🙂

Also holy mackaral I reached 300 subs fast, didn't I just reach 200 last week? Thanks to everyone who subscribed to my channel, I appreciate y'alls! 🙂




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