Suikoden 1h 55min (unfinished TAS)


Suikoden 1h 55min (unfinished TAS)

I made this a couple of years ago when I was bored, but never finished it. It's a pretty long game. The TAS sound plugin doesn't work so well for this game, so the music is quite messed up.

One of the most important time savers is to get the holy crystal as fast as possible from the mosquitoes (at 11:44) so that you can run like a maniac. I attach it to Gremio because he's almost always required to be in the party.

Reqruiting the gambler guy Gaspar is useful so I can max my money to 999999 in a minute (at 1:34:50).

Later when you get Grenseal and Alen, boss fights become very quick because I can do like 2000 HP damage with their combo attack.

There's a "bribe glitch" which can skip all enemies and bosses in the game, but I didn't use it because it would make the TAS much more boring, because you would need no strategy or anything.

Here's the pxm file if someone wants to continue it: http://dehacked.2y.net/microstorage.p...



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