New Super Mario Bros. [100% TAS] World 1 Part 2 & World 2 Part 1 (W.I.P 2)


New Super Mario Bros. [100% TAS] World 1 Part 2 & World 2 Part 1 (W.I.P 2)

Finally finished with the second W.I.P for the 100% TAS of NSLB! There's an improvement under way already (if u couldn't tell from the second mashup video of the Plains and Donut Plains, *hint hint* 😉 ). But that won't be fully published until after I'm done with THIS TAS completely first, because if I do publish it, it will make THIS TAS obsolete (and what's the point of publishing an obsolete speedrun?)

Status: World 1 still giving me Red "?" Block trouble as always. Wonder how bad World 2 will give me that problem? Still no Blue Koopa Shell at this point, so I'm gonna have to avoid the rest of World 1 for now. Still working on World 2, which is taking EXTREMELY long to work on with real life getting in the way of things! I promised to get this done yesterday (which I did), but I wasn't able to upload the video in full. But here's the rest (almost) of World 1. I was pretty disappointed with 1-5 but I gotta say, 1-4 and 1-Castle looks amazing! I also improved 2-1 by a little bit.

P.S: Sorry about the syncing and quality. I've tried fixing issues like this multiple times, but unfortunately I have no luck..!😔 *sigh* Please keep Luigi motivated guys



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