SM64 ~ TAS Competition 2012 ~ Task 1 Compilation


SM64 ~ TAS Competition 2012 ~ Task 1 Compilation

Task 1:
Enter Bob-Omb Battlefield and get the star "Behind Chain Chomp's Gate."
Mario may not touch grass or dirt. The grass that you start on must be jumped off of on the first frame possible. Mario may also touch the grass after getting the star. You may not use a cannon.
To clarify, you can step on anything that is not grass or dirt. For example, you are allowed to step on rocks, bridges, flowers, etc. You may also grab trees, jump on enemies, or do whatever you'd like without touching grass or dirt. There is one exception; you are allowed to wall kick on grass and dirt walls.
Reminder: Make sure to enter the level with no text!
Due Date: Monday, March 26th, 2012

Results for Task 1:
NAME ti"me [rerecords]
Jeremiah (SP) 13"50 [13050]
Ethan 16"26 [1103]
Higmatar 17"10 [8758]
DennisBalow 18"03 [1956]
MKDasher 19"96 [9061]

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Song used: "We're Not a Cover Band, We're a Tribute Band" by Zebrahead



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