BATMAN: TAS Review + The Latest "LEGACIES" Issue! | 12th Level Intellects EP #29


BATMAN: TAS Review + The Latest "LEGACIES" Issue! | 12th Level Intellects EP #29


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12th Level Intellects
Episode #29

0:00 - Intro
3:15 - "Reign of the Supermen" Trailer
8:00 - Ewan McGregor cast in "Birds of Prey"
11:13 - BTAS is Finally on Blu-ray
13:23 - Our Thoughts on "Batman: the Animated Series" (Ep #1-50)
1:10:29 - The Latest "Legacies" Discussion
1:26:14 - Comic Relief ("Doomsday Clock #7," "Batman #57," and "Nightwing: Year One")
1:38:12 - Shout-Outs/Outtro

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"TITANS" Reactions & Kind Of "VENOM" (feat. Joe Kendrick)

"Legacies of the DCAU" - our webcomic!

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