[TAS] SSBM Mod: Speed Luigi Adventure Mode


[TAS] SSBM Mod: Speed Luigi Adventure Mode

(Currently working on secondary channel, sorry for the wait! Thank you for the support so far, I'll get to making more content soon!)

"When in doubt, Speed Luigi."

No Damage, Very Hard, TAS, Modded Character and Game.

Melee Modifications:
- Hitstun increased from 0.4 to 0.55 (Increases combo potential)

- Air Grabs

- Dash Attack / Smash Out of Dash (https://smashboards.com/threads/dash-...)

- Reverse Aerial Moves (Reverse Air Grab possible)

- Grounded Moves Out of Airdodge (No Freefall)

- Luigi's Momentum Affects Fireball Speed

Speed Luigi:
- He's really freakin' fast; most move speed multiplied by ~2-5, Neutral-B speed instant, no friction, massive air control and speed, massive dash speed, etc.
- Several moves have ~270 knockback angle, like a reverse of Crazy Dr. Mario
- (Not Shown) Star KO plays Vinny sound
- Fireballs affected by speed (See mod above)
- Several moves have darkness or fire attribute
- Always Misfire, huge speed and length boost
- Probably something else

Khonjin Mario:
- Nothing much yet, except for a few sound replacements

Second channel Yensi2: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgva...



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