[MKWii] Test TAS/TAFs #6


[MKWii] Test TAS/TAFs #6

I may not reply to all comments sorry 🙁
1:16 impossible to get double trick without slowdown
1:23 100cc in a Race

Music: Indivision - Inner Beauty

更新遅れましたm__m 最低1ヶ月に1回は動画出すようにするので...

I'm Japanese, I can't speak English well...
so I may misunderstand words and have trouble with you, then I'm sorry...
Also, please don't write Japanese if you're non-Japanese.
It's hard to understand translated words with Google.
I'm not accepting TAS/TAF requests.
I write English so slow and am weak in long talking, so I don’t want to talk on Skype sorry...



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