[TAS] Celeste "Any%" 24:47.653


[TAS] Celeste "Any%" 24:47.653

Tool Assisted Speedrun created by DevilSquirrel, KDT, and Kilaye.

With the A to B side skip and the new patch, I went ahead and updated the Any% TAS. We now grab the cassette in 5A and 6A and instead of finishing those we play through the B side. 5A to 5B saves about 20 seconds over just doing 5A normally, and 6A to 6B saves about 10 seconds over just doing 6A normally. Lots of tiny improvements throughout the run as well.

Thanks to Angrevol, Benteezy, Breakdown, Buhbai, Revolucion, and TGH for helping optimize.

Tools can be found here: https://github.com/ShootMe/CelesteTAS

1A: 00:55
2A: 02:09
3A: 04:07
4A: 08:27
5A: 10:59
5B: 12:19
6A: 14:48
6B: 15:59
7A: 20:22



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