Bombchus from BoTW using Blank A (TAS)


Bombchus from BoTW using Blank A (TAS)

Yes I'm still alive. This is a test TAS I did today for timing purposes. We are currently trying to make getting bombchus faster for Any% and to do this I'm doing some test TASes at the moment.

In case you are wonder what's going on with my B Button in the beginning: I forgot that you have to be swordless to do the Blank A trick, so I needed to do some MHS memory manipulation, so I didn't have to restart.

Adding in the reset you do after opening the chest, obtaining the chus costs around 1 whole minute. Pretty much, I hoped for it to be less. Oh well, maybe we can still make this faster somehow.

About the TAS itself, the only real interesting part is the strategy I use after clipping out of bounds. This strategy is by far the fastest I was able to come up with, because jumpslashing into the water makes surfacing way faster



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