[MKWii TAS] The Haunted Mansion v2.0 - 3'05''212 (BKT)


[MKWii TAS] The Haunted Mansion v2.0 - 3'05''212 (BKT)

It was very hard to do these double tricks. btw this is the oldest track that I TASed. I improved my TAS skills a lot for 3 years xD

-My Old TAS run-
3'09''264 https://youtu.be/wLFa5ZhYuv0
3'10''722 https://youtu.be/rTERSP2zBBs
3'13''415 https://youtu.be/AZHk7b-JwTg

Music: Kuroshitsuji OST - a Diabolic Waltz

I'm Japanese, I can't speak English well...
so I may misunderstand words and have trouble with you, then I'm sorry...
Also, please don't write Japanese if you're non-Japanese.
It's hard to understand translated words with Google.
I'm not accepting TAS/TAF requests.
My typing is so slow and I'm weak in long talking, so I don’t want to talk on Skype sorry...



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