[TAS] Pocket Fighter / Super Gem Fighters - Hsien-Ko / Lei-Lei (Running Battle)


[TAS] Pocket Fighter / Super Gem Fighters - Hsien-Ko / Lei-Lei (Running Battle)

Had a left over TAS I done a few weeks ago that I didn't upload. Here it is now. Next time on this game, I'll do a requested run with Felicia.

Hsien-Ko Got some very strong moves. A Instant stun projectile throw, Hypers that hit on ground opponents, Strong normals, .etc
That Combo at the end require precise Timing and RNG. RNG because Spikes Balls didn't combo at all until I starting running away from Akuma.

TAS Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

Platform: PSX
Game: Pocket Fighter / Super Gem Fighters
Character: Hsien-Ko / Lei-Lei
Player: DarkLuigi
Frames: 38081
Re-Record Count: 3929
Mode: Running Battle
Difficulty: 8



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