Slum Village — Fan-Tas-Tic (Vol.1) [Full 2006 Album Reissue]


Slum Village — Fan-Tas-Tic (Vol.1) [Full 2006 Album Reissue]

I couldn't find the full album on YouTube, so here is a realease!
Some of the tracks have smooth transitions beetween them, so that was quite a pity there wasn't a one video version.
I cut the blanks to get the music as flowing as possible, enjoy!

Fantastic: 0:00
Keep It On: 1:28
I Don’t Know: 4:38
How We Bullshit: 5:39
Fat Cat Song (feat. Phat Kat): 6:54
The Look of Love: 9:48
Estimate: 14:06
Hoc N Pucky: 15:30
Beej N Dem: 17:06
Pregnant (T3): 19:22
Forth & Back (Rock Music): 20:39
Fantastic 2: 24:16
Fantastic 3: 25:06
Keep It On: 26:42
5 Ela Remix: 29:43
Give This Nigga (LP Version): 32:41
Players: 33:44
Look of Love (Remix): 36:37
Pregnant (Baatin): 39:23
Things U Do (Remix): 40:24
Fat Cat (Remix): 43:52
Fantastic 4: 46:36
Whats Love Gotta Do With It (Look of Love Remix): 47:47
2U4U (Instrumental): 51:05

More details here: https://www.discogs.com/fr/Slum-Villa...



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