[TAS] Celeste "All Chapters" 1:00:23.091


[TAS] Celeste "All Chapters" 1:00:23.091

Tool Assisted Speedrun created by DevilSquirrel with segments from the Any% run by KDT and Kilaye. Finally took the time to put everything together and create the All Chapters run! Grabbing all the A Side hearts and Cassettes was a lot of fun. I however, don't plan to continue making these anymore and will leave it up to other brave souls to make the ARB and 100% runs.

Thanks to Angrevol, Benteezy, Breakdown, Buhbai, Revolucion, and TGH for helping find optimizations.

Tools used can be found here: https://github.com/ShootMe/CelesteTAS

1A: 00:53
2A: 02:59
3A: 05:40
4A: 10:35
5A: 13:49
6A: 19:01
7A: 25:37
8A: 35:35

1B: 39:05
2B: 40:39
3B: 42:29
4B: 44:37
5B: 47:28
6B: 50:09
7B: 54:29
8B: 1:00:44

1C: 1:04:10
2C: 1:04:40
3C: 1:05:10
4C: 1:05:39
5C: 1:06:15
6C: 1:06:45
7C: 1:07:24
8C: 1:08:20



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