TAS - DS Delfino Square: 2:03.876


TAS - DS Delfino Square: 2:03.876

ATTN: This is a tool-assisted speedrun (TAS) and the time will not be sent to any real rankings.

subsubsubsub !!

Splits: 41.562 - 41.548 - 40.766

The ghost being raced is my former TAS PR of 2:04.202

Real WR at the time of upload: 2:05.413 by Sword

Three different strats for the SC, all are almost equally fast. I tried holding the MT all the way already on first lap but couldn't get it to work because of the angle, then tried again on third lap. After succeeding I compared the strats and by some ridiculous coincidence, the first frame that I touched the first boost pad on the bridge is exactly the same with both strats. So I left third lap SC as it is for show off.

I was hoping to discover a way to get a better low jump on first and second lap, but unfortunately couldn't.

Again no Live Replay because Dolphin is acting funny. Next time I'll make it work!



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