[TAS] Earthworm Jim 3D Any% in 2:07.983 by theballaam96


[TAS] Earthworm Jim 3D Any% in 2:07.983 by theballaam96

RTA Timing (File Select - Final Marble): 2:07.983
TAS Timing (Power On - Final Input): 2:31.567
Rerecord Count: 5108

This is an updated TAS of Earthworm Jim 3D Any%, which abuses the superjump to get out of bounds and enter Kim within a minute of gameplay.
Most of the timesave compared to the old TAS is due to a better Kim fight (~10.5s from Kim, 0.5s from Kim Early)
Old TAS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi1y3...

Emulation with this game isn't 100% accurate to the N64 version, and behaves more like the PC release, so there's also that.

.bk2 file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1C5Q...
Core Type: Pure Interpreter
Rsp Plugin: Hle
Active Video Plugin: Glide64

This was made using ScriptHawk, a lua script for BizHawk, designed to assist with TASing/Glitch Hunting



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